Tamil Schools

மேற்கு ஆஸ்திரேலியா தமிழ் பாடசாலை – வடக்கு | தெற்கு

Perth North Tamil School WA | South Tamil School of WA

The Tamil Association of WA, with the help of hard working volunteers runs two Tamil Schools one for the Northern Suburbs and one for the southern suburbs. Our teachers come from different countries, like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. This diversity not only gives our children a vast variety in the teaching techniques but also gives the teachers an understanding of how our language is taught in each of their countries.

The school acts as a center for many children to learn the language and participate in Tamil cultural activities. The school holds end of term assemblies to allow children to perform in front of an audience at the end of each school term. The school also holds parent teacher meetings for teachers to discuss the children’s progress.

Further to this the school conducts an annual Tamil Concert which showcases student’s language skills along with traditional dance and music items. The school community comes together to celebrate Tamil New Year and the Deepavali festival.

While both schools operate individually, the principals frequently communicate and share knowledge with each other to organize group events like the School Concert, Tamil speech competition and Sports Day.


The schools adapt the New South Wales Federation of Tamil Schools (NSWFTS) syllabus and material. This syllabus is used in Tamil Language schools across Australia.

Our Tamil schools are as diverse as our country, with student and teacher percentages spread across 4 countries where Tamil is spoken. The principals and teachers look towards continually improving everything from syllabus to teaching techniques.

Voluntary Services

All teachers provide their services voluntarily. Apart from some token amounts of money that may be paid for travel or associated teaching aids, our teachers do this purely for their love of the language and culture. It is important that you as a parent or member note the hard work put in by our Tamil School teachers and applaud them for their efforts.


Perth North Tamil School provides the opportunity for school aged children to learn the Tamil language and engage in Tamil cultural activities. The school currently has 7 classes and 10 teachers with over 70 children enrolled in 2018. A management committee comprising five volunteers is responsible for the school’s administration. Parents and senior members from the community provide valuable guidance and advice in developing the school’s programs and events

Location/Term/Fees/Contact Details
  • Kingfisher Community Centre, Illawarrra Crescent, Ballajura WA 6066
  • 2:30 to 4:30 PM – Only Sundays during School Term
  • $100/Family per Year and is payable within the first term.
  • Mr. Masilamani Muthukumarasamy | Principal | 0401 793 389 | tamilschoolnorth@tawa.org.au

South Tamil School of Western Australia provides a Tamil Language program for school aged children from Kindergarten. The school has 15 classes and 30 teachers with 260 children enrolled as of 2018. The school is run by a Management Committee comprising of 11 volunteers from parents who are responsible for all decisions and activities of the school.

Location/Term/Fees/Contact Details
  • Lynwood Senior High School, 436 Metcalfe Rd, Parkwood WA 6147
  • 2:00 to 4:00 PM – Only Sundays during School terms
  • $150/Family per Year and is payable within the first term.
  • Mr. Alankes Arunthavarajah | Principal | 0418 910 544 | tamilschoolsouth@tawa.org.au

Please do not hesitate to Email schools@tawa.org.au for any other details.